The Brief

Yates provides expert gardening advice and home gardening products for all types of gardens. They are one of the most trusted gardening brands in Australia with a history stretching over 125 years. Much of the company’s success rests on its ability to adapt to changes in lifestyle and continue to meet the needs of each new generation of gardeners.

Yates’s dedication to better engage with old and new generations required a novel business solution and research pointed to the emergence of mobile as the next frontier. In collaboration with Webling, Yates’ executive team agreed mobile was the perfect channel to deliver utility for gardeners both in-store and in the garden, through providing genuine utility and comprehensive contextual information that directed path-to-purchase.

The Solution

Our solution was the My Garden Mobile app. A multiplatform app worthy of Yates’ 125+ years of experience and among the most world’s most comprehensive interactive guides.

As Yates’ consumers are both the budding gardeners and seasoned pros, the App provides both with everything they need to design, grow and manage their perfect garden. The app steps the user through each stage of the garden life cycle; from finding inspiration, designing, planning, planting and growing to managing and solving problems that stop gardens from thriving.

The Augmented Reality “Garden Visualiser” gives gardeners an intuitive way to draft the layout and look of their garden before planting a thing.

The Results

My Garden Mobile is an unprecedented mobile offering to gardeners, delivering on a vision to exceed the expectations of an iconic Australian brand and meeting the needs of a new generation of gardeners.

4500 purchase recommendations, via the Plant/Seed Finder and Solutions Finder were made in the first couple of weeks of the launch. What truly exceeded expectations was that 33% of the gardeners using the app created a shopping list and located a store thereby directly facilitating path to purchase and delivering on one of our key objectives.

In terms of utilising unique brand assets, the results demonstrate clearly how the app is providing utility and value to gardeners old and new. So far at least 2500 problems have been solved via the app. Average dwelling time on the app is around 4.33 minutes, a clear sign the gardeners are engaging with the app and digging deeper into the features to help with their gardens.

In the first six weeks since launch, the app attracted approx. 8500 unique users with no advertising or media budget to speak of, exceeding our expectations and resulting in a very happy client.